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Sunday, November 26, 2006


I just got done watching a movie with my girls. As most of my friends know, I'm not a big TV watcher, I really don't enjoy watching TV and have a hard time sitting still for an entire show. Tonight, I watched Molly: An American Girl on the Homefront.

For those of you who don't know about the money machine that is The American Girl phenom. these are dolls based on historical times and they are typical of young girls of their particular time period.

This movie was based on the doll Molly who was a child in 1944, during WWII and it goes through Molly's trials as her father goes off to war. Unlike many kid movies, it didn't sugarcoat the war, there were characters in the movie that died and Molly's mother had to go to work. As silly as it seems, there were several times I found myself crying while watching the movie.

My grandfather went overseas during WWII while my mother and aunt were very young. I couldn't help but put myself in the character's place and my heart about broke thinking of the worry they were going through.

That brought me to thoughts about the families who have loved ones overseas now. I talked to the girls about saying prayers for the families of our armed service members. I am absolutely humbled by what they go through day after day. The agony of not knowing has to be akin to Chinese water torture.

So once again, I ask all of you to say a prayer, light a candle or put good thoughts into the universe for those overseas and their families and loved ones. Let's hope they come home safely and soon.

And for all of the people who have lost loved ones, my God bless and keep you.


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