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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Good, bad, and just plain ugly

I've been reading a lot lately. I think as the weather gets colder I start to hunker down and prepare for hibernation. My favorite winter activity is sitting by the fire and reading. Preferably with a glass of wine in hand, but I digress.

Because of my rather limited budget, I've been raiding the library every week. This can be a frustrating experience. I've long since read out all my favorite authors and am trying to discover new ones. (I'm almost done reading everything Meg Cabot has written. LOVE HER!) When I do a lot of times the library only has one or two out of a trilogy or something like that. It's TERRIBLY frustrating as a reader.

While roaming through the library looking desperately for something new to read, I've realized what a big part the cover art plays in my book making decisions. If the cover doesn't capture my attention, I don't even stop to read the back of the book. And even if it does, if I read the book blurb and it doesn't suck me in, forget it, back on the shelf it goes.

It got me to thinking that our careers as authors are VERY dependant on the cover artists that bring our vision to life. If the cover isn't attractive, we're hosed.

And I have to tell you, there are A LOT of really bad covers out there. I will not name names as I don't want to open myself up to that, especially since I've had a few covers that have REALLY SUCKED. But sometimes I wonder if the powers that be have any idea what goes on in a book buyers mind. I mean, I've been looking at a lot of books that are from New York publishers and even if the book was fantastic, I wouldn't know becuase the cover put me off so much.

Very scary.

Sometimes I wonder if everyone had plain white covers with just the title printed on the front, how many books would get picked up?

I think I'll go thank my cover artist today. . .


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