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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Not meant for fashion

Yesterday, I spent all day long hiking up my jeans to keep from showing the world my underwear. It's not that I'm so skinny my jeans no longer fit me. Quite the contrary, actually. Remember how proud I was when I lost those 20 pounds? Pride goeth before the fall. . . I've put them all back on. Sigh. . .

Anyway, I digress. As I was hauling my jeans up I realized my body type just isn't cut out for today's fashions. Although I'm thrilled that cropped tops are no longer in style, the low waisted jeans haven't quite left yet.

This is my problem,
1. I'm tall
2. almost all my height is in my legs
3. I carry my weight in my stomach

Basically I'm built like an apple on top of two carrot sticks. Are you beginning to see my problem here? Low waisted pants need to sit on hips to stay up. I have a boy's hips and butt so my pants, which tend to slide below my rounded belly, have nothing to hang onto so they slide down all day long.
Picture trying to tie a ribbon around an apple as opposed to around a pear and you get my picture.

At least with the longer tops in style I can hid the fact that my underwear is sticking out. . .


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