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Monday, August 28, 2006

Talk about incentive

My husband and I had a "discussion" the other day. In his mind, as soon as our 4 year old goes to school full time (1st grade, here in the land of half-day kindergarten) I should start pounding the pavement looking for a full time teaching job.

He thinks that if I'm teaching during the day, I'll still have time to write at night and then we'll have money to put away for the children's college, weddings, and our retirement.

To that I said...

Are you smoking crack?

To begin with, even if all three are in school full time, that doesn't mean there won't be sick days, teacher workshop days, half-days, and school holidays where they will be home and I will need to find child care for them. That doesn't include when they have plays and concerts and other things they want mommy to see during the day. As a teacher, it's VERY hard to get personal time other than sick days.

Not only would I miss out on many of the things my kids do during the day, I'd also have to make sure none of my meetings, inservices, teacher conferences etc. ran overtime because I'd have to rush home to get them to soccer, dance, CCD etc.

Then there is the planning, correcting, and reports I'd have to do at home, because a good 50% of a teacher's work is done out of school.

So, I'd have to get up, get three kids ready for school, and myself, work a full day, rush home to take the kids hither and yon, make dinner, help with homework, AND then do my take-home work. Somewhere in there I'd have to clean the house, do the laundry, go grocery shopping, help with school projects, buy birthday presents, plan birthday/soccer/school parties and take the kids, the dog and the cat to their various doctor/dentist appointments.

And then, at midnight, I could work on my writing.

Is it just me who thinks this is a little overwhelming?

I know there are mothers who do this, and I bow down to their amazing abilities. I mean, some of these women have seriously high power jobs such as lawyers and doctors. I fully admit, they are better women than I could ever hope to be. Just the thought of working full time and trying to still write gives me chest pains.

So, if I want to continue to pursue my writing career, I'm going to have to get my act in gear. Quite frankly, I'm now under a very tight deadline to actually make some money writing. I'm not talking millions, but I can no longer take loses every year. I'm not sure if this is going to spur me on to greater heights or just get me so uptight I explode.

I'm kind of betting on the latter actually. . .

Anyway, you've heard it here first. I have two years to "do something" (my husband's words) with my writing or it will be pushed to the bottom of the priority list.

I'll keep you posted. . .


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