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Friday, August 04, 2006

I put the "ass" in class

Still waiting on pictures from my friends. I have got to get a better camera so I can take my own damn pictures. . .

Okay, so I'll talk about going from my sister's house to the conference. I don't need pictures for that. . .

On Monday, my gorgeous niece turned 18 and to celebrate, I took her shopping. And boy did we shop. Oh my, did we shop. I got some very cool clothes and had an excellent time bonding with my baby. *sniff*

Because of all that shopping though, my suitcase was PACKED. Now, I had picked my biggest suitcase and only filled it halfway plus I brought an extra carry on bag that was empty just so I'd have room to bring everything back without going over the 50 pound weight limit on the plane. Last year coming home from Reno I had to unload several books at the check in counter. Very embarrassing. After all my shopping I was out of extra space and looking to ship stuff home.

Instead, my sister and I switched suitcases and she gave me a large one to load all my things into. Now I have two full size suitcases to bring, yikes!
Also, I stopped by the local Publix and picked up a 24 pack of water and a 12 pack of diet coke. I also picked up a cooler to keep those things in instead of using one of the garbage cans this time around. Unfortunately, the cheapest cooler I could find had NASCAR emblazened across it on both sides.

After lunch with my sister at her job, she hired a town car and driver to take me to the hotel in downtown Atlanta. It was awesome! A nice comfy ride, Abaas the driver was wonderful, and we didn't hit any traffic. What could be better?

What could have been better would have been to not be carrying a NASCAR cooler, a 24 pack of water and a 12 pack of soda into the frigging Marriot Marquis! I must have looked like the biggest hick!

Luckily for me I have great friends who didn't care that I, as my friend Kris Star put it, "put the ass in class".

Go me! hahahahha

Hope to have pictures for you soon so I can tell you about signing next to the awesome Kim Harrison and her great husband later on. Have a great weekend!


  • At 2:20 PM, Anonymous Patrice said…

    OMG that's perfect! The Ass in Class. I love that phrase! It's so us. My DH and I once checked into a Ritz Carlton with coolers, food, fishing rods and tackle boxes after escaping a horrible, hot sweaty "vacation" in the Everglades. We had no "nice" clothes, pulled up dragging a fishing boat on trailer and I'm sure I looked like an escapee from Deliverance. I was sticky with sweat and OFF deepwoods spray had been my only perfume for days. It was so funny to see the guests scatter on check-in.

    But the wonderful staff didn't blink. They even made special arrangements to have our flats boat watched by security. I'd never stayed there before but that short stop on the way home was like hitting an oasis in the desert! I will always keep them in mind in the future. Although I'd try not to be such a swamp rat next time! lol

    So don't feel bad with your NASCAR cooler of water and sodas!



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