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Monday, August 07, 2006

Signing with the awesome Kim Harrison

Here I am at the booksigning, Wednesday July 26th. Next to me is the awesomely cool Kim Harrison. She wrote DEAD WITCH WALKING and many other rocking WITCH books. I sat next to her at RT and her line stretched out across our whole row. It was kind of nice because I had a chance to talk to her fans. Also, her husband comes along and he's a huge help getting water and keeping me company while Kim is busy with her legions of fans.

It's kind of intimidating for someone on the lower end of the author food chain to sit near someone who is selling out like gangbusters. I mean, you kind of end up feeling like the opening act at a Rolling Stones concert. Kim was very sweet to me at both signings, and was such a cutie I couldn't even work up a good head of jealousy. And considering she's talented, pretty, and petite, that's saying something about how nice she is.

It probably helps that I like her books too, so I completely understand why she has so many folks clammoring for her signature. What really impressed me was, she didn't seem to take it for granted. She spoke to each one of her fans and didn't try to push them along. Over all, a very cool lady.

I did fairly well at the signing. This time around I even sold books to people who aren't my friends, hahahaha. It was neat to see some people actually recognize my name(okay two people, but hey, it's a start!) without me badgering them to come over to my table.

I just need to keep things in perspective, someday I'll have a line of fans waiting to see me. . .I hope!


  • At 5:08 PM, Blogger Ali said…

    And I'll be there in the front, Ari :-) Too bad I couldn't be there, but I'm going to try for next year.


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