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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Ahhh, the big yellow school bus rolled up to my driveway this morning and I almost sang with joy. I swear, there was a choir of angels in full chorus as that bus rumbled away with my little darlings.

It's amazing how very much you can get accomplished without two of your three children fighting and bickering and asking for food every ten seconds.


Granted, it won't be much, but dear God it will feel good to accomplish something. My summer writing went something like this. . .

Ari--sits at computer and puts on headphones to drown out background noise
two seconds later
Child 1--Mommy, whatcha doin"
Ari--trying to get a little work done. Just give me half an hour.
Child 1--okay mommy, but first, can I call Emily.
Ari--sure, but don't make any playdates until this afternoon, I need to work.
Child 1--okay!
thirty seconds later
Child 1-- Mom!
Ari--Honey, I'm trying to work
Child 1--I know, but Emily wants to know if she can come over and go swimming now. I know you said this afternoon but she has to go to the dentist this afternoon so can she come over now? Can she?
Ari--no, honey, Mommy is working and I can't watch you in the pool from here. Maybe tomorrow.
Child--but mommeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (five minutes of whining crying and pleading)
Ari--What was my answer?
Child 1--Fine!
30 seconds later
child 2-- What's wrong with child 1? She's screaming in her room.
Ari--she's just upset. Mommy's working now, do you think you could watch a movie for a little while?
Child 2-- okay, can I have something to eat/drink?
Ari--yes, but eat it in the kitchen
Child 2-- can I eat it in my bedroom if I'm really careful?
Child 2--the playroom?
Child 2--the living room?
Ari-the kitchen only or no snack.
Child 2--fine
2 minutes later
Child 3--mommy, child 1/2 is being mean to me.
Ari--why don't you play somewhere else so mommy can work for a little while. If you let mommy work, I'll take you to the park this afternoon.
Child 3--okay, but can I have a snack first? You let child2 have a snack and I want one too
Ari--of course, just eat it in the kitchen
Child 3--but child 2 is eating it in your room!

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. I swear it's a miracle I don't have to be locked in a padded cell by the end of the summer. . .

So oh yes, this is the most wonderful time of the year. Screw Christmas, the first day of school is hands down the winner!!



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