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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The best laid plans. . .

I had such plans for today.
Great plans.

My middle daughter had recovered from her fever and was headed back to school, my youngest daughter had a play date for 4 entire hours. I had ALONE TIME.

I was going to get up early, exercise, get the kids off to school, run to the store for supper making materials, and then drop my 4 year old off for four hours of writing bliss. . .

I did manage to exercise. And I did go to the store for supper materials. I even got supper started in the crock pot.

Then Miss 4 year old threw up all over my bed.

I now have to wash the comforter, sheets, pillows, and mattress pad.
I also had to cancel the play date.

Instead of immersing myself in my erotic quickie I'm running around taking care of a sick child.

Ah, the glamorous life of a writer. . .


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