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Thursday, October 27, 2005

El Klutzo strikes again

In addition to not being very technologically apt, I'm also a klutz. A big klutz. Trust me, my middle name is NOT Grace. I was the type of kid who ALWAYS spilt something at Thanksgiving dinner, who tripped over her own feet all the time, and who could drop just about anything placed in her hands. I've sprained my ankle running UP the stairs. I'm that clumsy.

But yesterday wasn't my fault!

I was walking down the stairs carrying an over-full laundry basket (there's no other kind in my house). I set my foot on one of my daughters' spiral notebooks and fell right on my butt! Laundry was everywhere, my girls were crying, the dog huddled in the corner afraid to move and my behind hurt like a son of a gun!!!

Now, I have AMPLE padding on my rear, but I fell so hard I have a banana sized and shaped bruise on my left cheek. It's making sitting at the computer VERY interesting to say the least. Sometimes I wonder how I've managed to get this far in life without breaking a leg. Guess God protects fools, drunks, AND klutzes!

Maybe my next house should be one level. . .


  • At 10:25 PM, Blogger Beth Ciotta said…

    Sounds like something I would do! Hugs on the bruise. Glad it wasn't worse!

  • At 8:56 AM, Blogger Arianna Hart said…

    I'm glad it wasn't worse either! But I don't think it's something you would do, you're so light on your feet!

    Take care!


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