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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Panic is setting in

Okay, the panic is starting to set in.
RT is three weeks away. Besides the craziness incumbent with preparing for a week away from home, I also have a book being released on May 9th.

As soon as I get home from RT I have to:
Prepare for the girls dance recital
Prepare for my in-laws to spend a weekend at my house for said recital
Prepare for my middle daughter's birthday party
Prepare for my school's graduation
Prepare for an end of the season party at my house for my daughters' soccer teams

Did I mention that before I leave for RT I'm going away for a weekend? Or that mother's day is the day before I leave? Or that I have two chats to do before I leave?

See the reason for my panic?
Pardon me while I go to make my lists. . . it's either compulsive list making or curling up in the fetal position. . .


  • At 8:43 AM, Blogger Kris Starr said…

    Deep breaths, darlin'. Deep breaths. You can do eeet. You know you can. Just make lots of lists, and when you're able, think of your happy place. Or Johnny Rzeznik, if he's not your happy place. :D

    You'll be fine!


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