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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Goo Goo Pix

Okay, Blogger is driving me nuts today and won't let me load any of the pictures I took(or I should say my friend took) last night. grrrrr

BUT if you go to the blog section of there is a picture of the stage with the guys on it. I was perhaps four or five people behind the ones right up close to the stage. I didn't want to be a complete groupie and rush the stage, so I just admired from afar, hahaha. But not too far. . .

I really loved the set they did, their music is rocken, but it also has a sadness to it that touches me. I think that tortured bad boy vibe pushes all my buttons. . .

Anyway, as soon as I can get blogger to cooperate with me, I'll post my pix!!

Have a great weekend!


  • At 1:42 AM, Blogger Caffey said…

    I'd love to see the pics when you can put them up!! I must find some of the lyrics to their songs, which ones are emotional to you and or favorites? I can look them up.


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