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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Spring Cleaning

I don't know what got into me this weekend, but I cleaned the bejeezus out of my house. Actually, because of all the painting we've been doing, the house was pretty clean except for the children's rooms and the play room.

Those were in at least ten health code violations, if not more.

On Saturday I made the kids rake out everything under their beds, under their dressers, and whatever things had crawled up and died behind their bookshelves. I vacuumed up so much junk from behind one set of bunkbeds I considered getting my husband's shop vac to do the job.

On Sunday, I ditched the kids with my mom for a few hours so I could THROW OUT much of their playroom. In my car right now I have three bags of toys to go to the Even Start program where I work, and two bags of toys and a bag of clothes to go to Good Will. I threw out at least 5 garbage bags full of junk as well as boxes and God only knows what.

Furniture was moved, toys were organized, lists were made, and the vacuum got another workout. Life is good.

For the first time in a LONG time, I won't be embarrassed if someone decides to drop by my house unexpectedly. All the toys are in the playroom, all the movies are organized in my newly stained bookshelf (part of Saturday's project), and the kids' rooms actually have floor space. I want to take a picture of it because I know it won't last. . .

Next weekend I'm RELEAXING, even if it kills me, because after that I'm going to start working in the yard. Keeping up with the trimming and the weeding will take me all spring and summer.

But at least I can go outside knowing my housework is done.


  • At 9:53 AM, Blogger Cheyenne McCray said…

    Wow, a clean house. What a concept! ;-) My house looks SO bad from top to bottom, especially the kitchen and dining area. Ugh. I wrote all weekend and ignored the house. :-)

    Have a great week!


  • At 7:35 AM, Blogger FerfeLaBat said…

    I fear what's under my 13 yo son's bed. I never thought of using a rake. Except -- no. That would still bring things out into the light best left unmolested.


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