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Friday, March 24, 2006

Don't you just love pecs?

I do. I love, love, love pectoral muscles. I think it's because I don't get to see many of the well-developed varity in my usual life. Let's be serious here, unless you work in an industry that caters to muscular men, sculpted pecs and abs aren't an every day sight.

I'm sorry to say, teaching and writing aren't occupations that lend themselves to regular sightings of muscular men. Unless you're going to RT, now that's another ball game.

Writing for EC gives me an opportunity to rub elbows with some very fit men at RT. And yes, I do me rubbing ELBOWS! As much of a flirt as I am, I would never, ever do anything to humilate another person or put myself in a situation where things could be misunderstood. I complain about my husband, but I love him to my toes.

That doesn't mean it isn't nice to look though!

I've seen all sorts of behaviors at RT that just amazed me. The men at the conference are there to do a job, and yes, maybe it is eye candy, but that doesn't mean they're pieces of meat. I like looking at hot guys as much as the next person, but because they're there as cover models doesn't give anyone the right to touch them inappropriately. At least, according to me.

Since my first RT in New York, I've become friendly with a few of the EC models, and I have to tell you, you'll never meet nicer guys. I have a great time visiting with them and have learned a lot about the "behind the scenes" goings on of the modeling business.

Let's just say, I'm pretty glad I won't ever have to worry about those things. It ain't easy to make a living on your looks!

That being said, I'll still enjoy looking to my heart's content, hahahah
Have a great weekend!


  • At 3:55 PM, Blogger Mary Stella said…

    Awesome pecs!

    Ari, I just tagged you over at my blog. ;-) Feel free to bring the pec-god.


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