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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

And so it begins. . .

Okay, I figure I'll start at the beginning and hope I remember everything. . . I'll try to give you only the pertainent details. Spelling does not count. . .

Let's see, I left for Reno on Monday afternoon. I'd cleaned the house, made dinner for the family and left it in the crock pot, masked my face, shaved my legs, and even put on make up. I was ready to go.

Unfortunately, the plane wasn't. My flight out of CT was about two hours late. No big deal, I started reading SEDUCED by Beth Ciotta and got totally lost in it. The flight to Chicago flew by as I turned the pages as fast as I could on this book. I'm sure the person in the seat next to me wondered why I'd suddenly start laughing, but I didn't care. I couldn't have asked for a better book to get me through that flight.

Luckily for me I packed two other books because my flight out of Chicago was also delayed. I read another book waiting for that plane at my gate because the restaurants were packed. As I got on the flight to Reno I met up with some other folks headed to the RWA conference and we chatted for quite some time. We had plenty of time to chat as we sat on the plane and waited for the thunder and lightning to pass. That morning my sister had sent me an email with a picture of a plane being hit by lightning. I didn't mind waiting on the runway one bit. Sure beat getting zapped in the air.

We finally took off and the flight was anything but smooth. By the time we landed in Reno, it was midnight Pacific time and we were supposed to land at 9:00. My friend Terri picked me and a few others up at the airport because the shuttles had stopped running at 11:00. God bless Terri, she had to drive all over the place to figure out how to pick us up!

When we got back to the hotel I was surprised to see how many people were still up. I met up with my friend ChaosCat from Romance Junkies and Isabelle whom I had met at the last conference. We got dinner-- or breakfast for the others-- and tried our luck at the nickle slots. (I lost a buck twenty.) By the time I hit the sack it was 2:30 Pacific and 5:30 Eastern. I was most tired.

When I woke up I got my first real view of Reno, and man was it gorgeous! I'm posting pictures from my hotel room next.

Tuesday was pretty much the only day I saw the outside of the hotel. . .


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