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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Kindergarten teachers do not get paid well enough!!!

There is not enough money in the world to compensate kindergarten teachers for what they do. I teach high school juvinile delinquints and I bow down to anyone who can entertain 20 five and six year olds and still remain sane.

Yes, I realize I should be talking about writing, or passing on what pearls of wisdom I've accumulated since I started writing, but honestly this bears mention. Today I gave a party for my middle daughter's kindergarten class. A pool party. There were 18 children there. I had only invited the girls in the class, but a few extra siblings joined in. Do you have any idea how much noise 18 five and six year olds can make in a pool?????

Now, least you think I'm insane, the reason I did this is because when my oldest daughter finished kindergarten I had a party for the girls in her class. Including my daughter there were 7. Unfortunately, my middle daughter's class had 12 girls in it. Not only that, several of them have sisters that are friends with my other daughters, so they came along too. The result? 18 children to 5 adults.

We were completely out gunned.

On a positive note, they all had a good time and my children collapsed early in sheer exhaustion. Talk about your silver linings!!!

Okay, I'm going to bed now, I'll look for pearls of wisdom when I get back from my mini vacation (2 days). I may have to look very hard, I'm not sure how much wisdom I actually have, except, never invite 18 children to your house for a pool party. . .

Good night!


  • At 12:15 PM, Blogger Mary Stella said…

    I'm sure they had a blast. I hope your sanity is still intact! :-)

  • At 5:51 PM, Blogger Arianna Hart said…

    I don't think I'll have my sanity again for a very long time. . . Thanks for the vote of confidence though Mary!! You so rock! Thanks for actually reading my blog, hahahaha

  • At 5:14 PM, Blogger Sarah Friedman said…

    That's a sweet sentiment. I agree Kinder teachers do not get paid well enough. And these days we have to do sooo much more than entertain!!!


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