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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I've been tagged-- again!!!!

Okay, I never did manage to tag someone before I got tagged again, so here it goes!
These questions came from Mary Stella. . .

Total number of books I own: Ahhh, well, um, I'd say my keeper shelf numbers in the hundreds, but I have no idea how many are actually there!

Last Book I Bought: Ahhh, I think it was Beth Ciotta's CHARMED and Kathy Love's WANTING WHAT YOU GET, but don't quote me on that one. . .

Last Book I Read: I just read Joanne Rock's MY LADY'S FAVOR and it ROCKED! It was a historical romance that was really fast paced and steamy. I'd buy a VCR manual if Joanne Rock wrote it!

Five Books That Mean A Lot To Me: You've got to be kidding me. . . Um, okay. . .
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy-- I read that every winter and find something new to discover every time.

The Belgeriad series by David Eddings-- that's like comfort food to me, or visiting old friends I love those books.

Montana Sky by Nora Roberts-- I love stories about sisters and this one had a great mystery involved too. And the witty lines and hot sex didn't hurt either.

A Wrinkle in Time-- Love, love, love Madeline L'Engle and the books in this series made me feel better as a geeky teenager. They made me feel that it was okay to be different and that was big to me. Same thing with C. S. Lewis' Narina series, so I'll include those in here too.

The Dragon Riders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey-- I love to re-read those books and get lost in the world of Pern over and over again.

Okay, I'm tagging Leigh Wyndfield and Brianna St. James, neener neener neener!


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