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Thursday, May 25, 2006

And so it begins. . .

Wednesday morning came VERY early. Poor Kathy Love had to do a workshop type thing, but Lori and I got to go out on the beach. It was lovely to sit in the sun and (detox) relax. Time sort of got away from us, and before we realized it, it was time for lunch before my "photo shoot". I ended up running out of lunch because I hadn't showered yet and looked like death microwaved. On the way to my room I ran into several friends, a cover model or two, and author Evelyn Vaughn whom I just ADORE! I gushed all over her when I realized who I was with, poor woman she must have thought she was trapped in an elevator with a lunatic. A stinky one at that.

I ran through the shower at warp speed and slapped on some make up before trying to find my way to Tara Kearney's suit. I had to run through two towers before I figured it out but I got there on time. (Yay me!)

The photo shoot was much fun, Tara and her assistant Bethany were great to work with, and Susan Kearney (awesome author of THE CHALLENGE etc.) helped me pick two pictures for my official author look. I'll post them eventually, honest!

Then, things got interesting. From the photo shoot I went to help Connie Perry organize things. Ms. Connie had enough work for ten people and I did very little to really help her, but I can carry things, hahaha.

Then I was running late, once again, for the EC party. I busted my butt to get changed into my nurse's costume. Then the panic set in.

The costume, even with the shorts on underneath was so darn short I looked like I belonged in a porno movie. I couldn't do it. I just couldn't go out of the room.

My roommates gave me a drink.

I still couldn't do it.

I opened the door to where Lori was on the phone talking to her husband.
"I can't go through with it."
"You have too! You look so cute."
"It's too short. I can't do it."
"Bend over."

At this point her husband goes something to the effect of "It's a little disconcerting to hear your wife tell her female roommate to bend over."

I had another drink. I was now sufficiently sloshed enough to put on the stilletto heels and go to the party.

I hadn't figured on having to walk through the lobby though. I had my toy doctor kit that I was using as a purse and I wanted to hide behind it as I went through the hotel.

By the time they let us into the room for set up, my feet were killing me and my face was permanently blushed.

It got worse.

I then found out that we had to WALK ACROSS A STAGE and be introduced.
In a nurse's outfit.
In front of people.

Luckily Brooks, one of the sweetest people you will ever met was nearby.
With a bit of hysteria in my voice, I ordered/begged him to get me a glass of wine, which I chugged before crossing the stage.

After I was out of the public eye I switched into my ballet slippers and was careful not to bend over all night.

Lori went as a cowgirl, complete with spurs and she was so darn cute. Kathy went as Bianca, the hostess of Studio 54 and had sparkly heels and a disco-ball purse. It was a lot of fun and a good time was had by all.

But I'll never live down the Naughty Nurse costume. . .


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