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Friday, May 26, 2006

where is that brain cell?

Thursday morning dawned bright and sunny, and really darn early. Kathy again had to be somewhere so she couldn't hang with Lori and I. Lori wanted to go for a walk on the beach before she went to one of the workshops, so we headed outside and attempted to find enough caffeine to sustain us.

Aparently it wasn't enough.

Idiot that I am, I totally missed the fact that it was THURSDAY and that I was SUPPOSED TO BE SOMEWHERE that morning. EC was gracious enough to throw us a brunch, one I missed last year because I had to leave early and was looking forward to. Unfortunately, I didn't even think about it until 5:00 that night when someone asked if I had seen an author because they weren't at the brunch.

Not my finest moment.
Honestly, I felt like a complete ass. I had everything written down so I wouldn't forget what to do when, but did I even look at the paper that morning? Nope.

I'm really an intelligent woman, honest. I blame it all on caffeine withdrawl.

Thursday afternoon and evening were spent helping Connie Perry get ready for the Vampires of the Caribbean ball that Heather Graham was throwing. Several of my friends were in the little skit that was going to be performed so I wanted to help out as much as possible.

I had a cute little vampire dress that was HOT as hell and I wore a bandana on my head. I decided to skip the eye patch. Kathy went as Jack Sparrow's abandoned (dead) bride. Complete with goth makeup and Victorian dress.

Then there was Lori. Lori was costumely challenged. We ended up creating an outfit for her on the fly and she looked darn cute. It took the rest of the box of tissues to push up her cleavage for the Wench outfit, but we did it.

The play was hysterical and Beth looked too cute as Ariel the mute mermaid. Mary Stella did a fabulous job as the Oracle, and as always Heather Graham did a great performance as Jack/Jill Sparrow. A great time was had by all. . .


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