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Monday, September 19, 2005


I don't know why, but for some reason the fall always makes me want to clean everything out. Yesterday I went through all the closets--including the linen closet-- and cleared out a bunch of stuff.
I gave seven bags of children's clothes and shoes to St. Vincent DuPaul's Place
8 Bags of my clothes and shoes (yes, 8 garbage bags) went to a half-way house and
3 Bags of sheets, towels, and blankets went to a battered women's shelter.

Last week I sent a box of stuff down to Katrina victims too. I'm clearing things out with a vengeance!

Maybe it's a latent nesting instinct that makes me clean up to prepare for winter. Maybe it's just now I'm in the house more and can't stand the messes, who knows? I just know it felt good to get rid of some of the things I'll never fit into again, or don't have any place to wear them again.

Next comes the play room. If my children aren't careful they'll be lucky to find a single Barbie left over! Look out, Mom's on a rampage!


  • At 2:47 PM, Blogger Kris Starr said…

    Good God. Do you know how much I envy you? I want to purge this homestead with a vengeance even greater than thine.

    I'm also willing to bet that we'd have twice as many bags to send out as you... ;)

    (How you doing, babes? Haven't talked to you in ages!)


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