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Monday, May 02, 2005

Sights of St. Louis

On Tuesday my friends and I decided to tour St. Louis a bit. We were slightly hung over, and very tired, but still really happy to be together. First we went to the St. Louis Arch. It was way cool!!!
The only problem is, I'm slightly (scope alert) claustrophobic. Okay, a lot claustrophobic. In order to go up in the arch you have to get on a transport. The transport looks like something Mork would use. (Anyone remember Mork and Mindy?) It looks very much like an egg, but it holds 5 people. On the way up I was distracted by two WONDERFUL people who had actually heard of me! Or at least they told me they had. Either way, the shock of it all helped me get to the top without having a panic attack.

Once at the top, I was able to take some really cool pictures and call my husband, yay! On the trip back down, I survived because the very funny Mary Stella kept me laughing the whole way down. I had an anxious moment or two when we stopped at the bottom and the doors wouldn't open right away. It was probably only two heart beats, but it was enough to make my knees weak.

From the arch we went to a near by river boat that went up and down a small section on the Mississippi River. Unfortunately, the beautiful sunny day had turned downright NASTY at this point. I learned that St. Louis is the only place that has as bad weather shifts as New England. Go figure. Thank God RT is in Daytona next year!

On the way back, Julia Templeton, Kathy Love and I headed to the mall to find some things to fill Julia's basket with, and I needed some diet coke to survive the mornings. After some searching, we found a Walgreens, and were very lucky not to get kicked out.
Kathy grabbed a terrycloth tank top that said Carona on the front and followed Julia around the store with it, trying to get her to include it in her bag.

Even worse, our other friend Jewell Mason had asked us to pick up some cigarettes for her while we were out. "Anything menthol" she said. Well, neither Kathy nor I are smokers so we had no clue. The two of us are standing at the check out line trying to figure out which of the millions of brands of cigarettes are menthol. Finally, Kathy says, "Let's get her Kools" so we did.
The check out lady said, "Does she smoke Kools:?"
We said, "Are they menthol?"
Lady, "Yes, but does she smoke Kools?"
By this point we've already bought them and bagged them. "She just told us to get her anything menthol."
Lady, "Then why you getting her ghetto cigarettes?" At which point I almost choked I was laughing so hard.
Kathy Love answers, "Cause they'll make her cool. It says so right on the package."
We left before they could call secruity. . .

More tomorrow. . .


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