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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Saga Continues. . .

Now's where things start getting interesting. . .

On Wednesday morning the authors and cover models were asked to do a promo event with the local television channel. The "woman on the street" TV personality would interview local authors, the cover model contestants, and Kathryn Faulke, owner of RT. We were to dress up in costume and kind of mill around looking like we were having fun. The idea was to draw people to the conference and book fair, which I believe it did.

The only problem was, we had to be ready at 5:00 am. It wasn't easy.
On two hours of sleep, I put on an evening gown, gloves, did my hair and actually wore MAKE UP. I think I deserve an award for that alone. I was the first one downstairs and I think I scared one of the maintenance workers out if his mind. I'm sure he was wondering what some chick in an evening gown was doing wandering around alone at 5:00 am.

Anyway, I ended up standing behind one of the cover models, Ryan, who was very nice. I spent most of my time talking to the Lisa half of Ashleigh Raine (who is the sweetest thing!) and making sarcastic comments, cause I'm not the sweetist thing. Every twenty minutes or so, we'd have to stand near the cover models while the camera panned them. It was a hardship, let me tell you.
Well, the TV lady had the idea that we should ACT OUT a scene from one of Heather Graham's books. It had something to do with being held against his length, and caressing his chest. Now, I'm not exactly comfortable caressing anything with someone I haven't even had a drink with, so I ended up laughing hysterically in embarrassment. Poor Ryan, I blew his ratings gambit out of the water.

So that ends and I slide away, feeling like a teenager cause I laughed at this poor guy, who was actually quite nice and ended up winning the readers choice part of the Mr. Romance contest. Soooo, we're milling some more and TV chickie comes up to me and says, "Do you have a favorite cover model, and would you be willing to name him on camera?"
I am in shock. I've had all of two hours of sleep and am not processing things well. I said, "Sure."
I'm thinking I'll say something like, "Well, they're all so nice and attractive, but I'd have to pick number 5 because he was my partner."

What I ended up saying, on the air for all of St. Louis to hear was, "I think I need to do extensive research first."

And it was only 8:00 in the morning. Wait until you hear what happened next. . .


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