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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Oh yeah, did I tell you I was a writer?

I just realized if you stumbled upon this blog by accident you might be wondering what the heck I was doing posting pictures of my office. I mean really, who cares?

Okay, so no one does care about my office but the reason I posted it is because I'm a writer, and that's where I write my books.
Well some of them anyway. I'll post a picture of my summer office so you can see where I write in the summer.

Okay, so you're going, "who is this chick who's calling herself a writer? I've never heard of her before." And you're right, you probably haven't. I'm a pretty new writer, I've only been published for 18 months. If that wasn't hard enough, I write ebooks, downloadable books, and LOTS of people haven't heard of those before.

So, what do I write? I write Romantica (very spicy love stories) for Ellora's Cave. I write futuristics, fantasy, and even a few contemporary romanticas. I also write romantic suspense.

Actually, the majority of my books have some sort of suspense in them because otherwise I get bored and if I'm bored I can't expect a reader to be interested in it.

Ahhh, what else? Well, I'm a mommy to three girls, have a very understanding husband who doesn't mind being a "patron of the arts" who lets me work part time (ha! free child care!) and doesn't complain about my writing about well endowed men having sex with gorgeous women in various positions and places. Like I said, he's a very understanding guy, hahaha.

Right now he's earned major points because he sent me a dozen roses for Valentine's Day, AND sent flowers to the girls too, I thought that was pretty darn cool of him.

I guess that's it. Pretty sad life for a writer or romantica, huh?


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